Nadean Designs born from a love of science and nature, and a passion to create!

After medical school and residency, I was reluctantly taught how to make a pair of earrings by a dear friend on a relaxing afternoon.

Within 5 years of that fateful day, I had built a jewelry business which successfully developed into a high fashion -trend design company. I sold my designs to reputable stores and boutiques worldwide such as Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales, Sundance Catalogue, Banana Republic and many more. With showrooms coast-to-coast and high-profile celebrity clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Paris and Nicki Hilton, Paula Abdul and Britney Spears the company became prominent quickly. This initial jewelry line was also highlighted in a variety of well-known publications including Glamour, In-Style, Lucky, People and Vogue.
In 2003, I sold that business to start a family.

After going through a difficult divorce and now with a 10 year old beautiful daughter, Natalie, I began teaching Natalie how to design and make jewelry wanting to pass on the passion and skill I had come to know quite by accident. I found a renewed passion as well as comfort and strength through design and time with Natalie. More importantly I have an appreciation for every precious moment of life with my daughter who has a wonderful complex sense of design and spatial relations already at age 10.

Our Etsy shop was born in 2015 and we have been having fun, learning and growing each day. My goal is to have fun and create what I love while educating and servicing clients on a one to one basis- a luxury that I could not afford when designing AND selling on a mass level to boutiques and department stores worldwide:) Getting to know my customers is so rewarding and I am so thankful for ETSY for providing this ability to engage in an old passion with a new method for connection and interaction with clients!

Natalie and I truly hope you enjoy perusing Nadean Designs and perhaps start to share our passion for amazing gemstone combinations :)


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